Monday, 6 February 2012

My Lush Haul...

so I went shopping on the weekend for a few things and I stopped in Lush to grab a couple of things but ended up with quite a few....

I love Lush, they always have such good smelling bath products and the store staff are always so helpful and willing to answer any questions you may have.

I went to the lush shop in Swindon town center on Friday afternoon and was greeted by two lovely members of staff, both the girls were really nice and friendly. I asked them about their new products as it had been a little while since I had been shopping in Lush. I was shown all the new stuff that was in the shop and was even shown a demo of one of the bath bombs I was interested in.

After being shown around the shop, I spent some time looking at products and working out what I wanted to buy out of the wide range that they had. I ended up choosing 6 products in all and they even gave me a free foot mask to try as well.

The products I ended up getting where 2 bath bombs called Phoenix Rising and Rose Queen. I got 3 bubble bars called The Comforter, Magic Mushroom and Yuzu & Coco. I also got one of their bath melts called Melting Marshmallow Moment. The foot mask I got to try was called Volcano.

So, the bath bombs are one of my favorite things that Lush sell. I always love to try all of they new ones they come out with. Both the bath bombs I got I haven't tried before, so I am really looking forward to jumping in the bath with them and seeing what they are like.

Phoenix Rising is a purple shimmery bath bomb with a spicy and fruity sent and i was told it will sink first to the bottom of your bath then after a minute or two it will rise and start really fizzing. More info can be found Here.

Rose Queen is a small pink bath bomb that is filled with flower petals and has a wonderful rose sent to it. More info can be found Here.

The bubble bars are always great fun, you crumble them under running water and end up with tons and tons of great smelling bubbles. Some of the best smelling lush products are their bubble bars.

The Comforter is a massive bubble bar that looks amazing, I find I can get two or three baths from one all with loads of bubbles. It turns your bath a beautiful pink/purple colour and smells like fresh berrys. you can find more info Here.

Magic Mushroom is part of the valentines stuff lush have at the moment. It is the cutest toadstool shaped bubble bar and smells like strawberries and cream. more info Here.

Yusu & Coco is one of lush's new bubbleroons, these are cute little bubble bars that look like macaroons, you split them apart and get two baths from them. This one tropical chocolate orange smell to it. More info Here.

I also got one of the bath melts, I love how these slowly melt in your bath and leave your skin feeling so soft. I got one called Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment. This one is so sweet and reminds me of Snow Fairy the wonderful christmas shower gel. More info Here.

The last product I got was a foot mask, which is something I have never tried before. I was given Volcano to try and i have to say I am really looking forward to this.Its a minty mask that has loads of scrubby bits to get your feet really soft. More info can be found Here.

So, I have loads to try an I am looking forward to posting all about how I get on with these.


  1. Lush has never appealed to me, mainly because I don't have a bath! Hopefully in my new house I'll have one! xxx

  2. They have some great shower stuff and soaps..... i just love the bath stuff. hope you do get a bath so you can enjoy lush lol