Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My first experience with a BB Cream.

So, after hearing all about the wonders of the new BB Creams that where hitting the market I thought it was time i tried one. I chose to try the 17 BB Blemish Balm from Boots. This is advertised as an 'All In One Magic Make-up'.

I loved the idea of one product that would not only offer full coverage but also help even out my skin tone and protect my skin from the sun with an SPF of 15. It seemed to me like a lot for this product to live up too. If i could have something in my make-up bag that would do everything i wanted for a base in one product, it would make me one happy girl.

I choose to get this in the medium shade as i felt that the light shade was just a bit too much of a pink shade for my skin, which has some olive tones to it. It only comes in the medium and light shades so if you have dark skin this product may not work for you, but best thing would be to pop in and test the colours out for yourself.

I have used this product a couple of times now and for me I'm not really loving it. The first time i used it I felt as if it left my skin with a dry feel to the touch and it felt a bit dried out after i used it. It did look ok on my skin and with all my other make-up done it did look good. It did seem to even out my skin tone a little bit, it helped to tone down the slight redness i get on my cheeks. This also seemed to have an almost tacky feel when you've just blended it in, which i didn't like.

All in all, it is a good product if your looking for a base that will offer you lots in one tube and to protect your skin. It's a shame that i found it a little bit dry.

You can buy this product Here.

Jodie =^_^=

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